Glad you are here ! Thank you for bookmarking this page. Real Life Interviews is an e-book available for download. Net proceeds from the sale of each book are contributed to charity. Share the book and share the inspiration. Thank you for visiting and tell your friends ! Feel free to … Continue reading


The purpose of our book is to carry a message of hope and inspiration on overcoming adversity in life. Real Life Interviews is a compilation of real life interviews with ordinary people in our community that have become extraordinary in a variety of challenging situations. Our contributors tapped into a source … Continue reading

About Real Life Interviews

Originally, my first book was going to be about my memoirs and overcoming several adversities in my life; and the lessons I learned from those experiences. Then the realization hit me: I made it through the tough times because of the support from my community members.  I  may not have made it without their guidance and … Continue reading

Being Extraordinary

Real Life Interviews is about ordinary people being extraordinary. Everyone interviewed is an ordinary person.  Our contributors include a landscaper, teacher, barista, real estate broker, contractor, home inspector, housewife, etc. These are average, everyday people.  What they do may be ordinary but who they have become is extraordinary by being … Continue reading

Real Life Interviews

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