About Real Life Interviews

Originally, my first book was going to be about my memoirs and overcoming several adversities in my life;
and the lessons I learned from those experiences.

Then the realization hit me: I made it through the tough times because of the support from my community members.  I  may not have made it without their guidance and encouragement.

My support group was an amazing cast of characters. They deserved their own book.
Who would tell their inspiring stories? My purpose was called into action.

Thus, my first book would be about the triumphs of others.
Because we could all use encouragement and inspiration.

I enrolled Justin Hill for assistance in writing and editing as this book soon became a project.

We would include stories from members in our community to share their wisdom and experience;
as they have made an impact in our world in one form or another.

We wanted to pass along the reality of the people we interviewed.
To include the reader into our conversation and our community.

And Real Life Interviews was created: A book about ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

– Russell Hill
author of Real Life Interviews

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