Being Extraordinary

Real Life Interviews is about ordinary people being extraordinary.

Everyone interviewed is an ordinary person.  Our contributors include a landscaper, teacher, barista, real estate broker, contractor, home inspector, housewife, etc.

These are average, everyday people.  What they do may be ordinary but who they have become is extraordinary by being whatever is necessary: courageous, focused, determined, accepting, loving, forgiving, etc.

When LeBron James plays basketball and makes a spectacular flying leap with a spin, a loop and dunk… that’s an ordinary act for him.  It may appear extraordinary to a spectator, but he is simply doing what comes natural.

Being extraordinary means there is uniqueness in your ordinariness.

It is inspiring to know that we all possess a unique talent, ability and experience that is beneficial to others and our community.

Allow me to emphasize this one more time: Your gift may seem ordinary and perhaps even trivial to you, but when you exercise it and put it into use… it can be extraordinary to everyone else.

Please do not deny us your extraordinariness.

– Russell Hill
author of Real Life Interviews

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