Book Notes

As you read our book, you may discover that in some interviews the writing may not be grammatically correct.  And you will be correct in noticing it.

It was intentionally written in the manner that it is published for several reasons.  We wanted to capture the essence of the Contributor’s personality by writing down what they said, exactly as they spoke it.

We had discovered that most people don’t speak in a grammatically correct fashion.  Yes, it’s true.

When communicating a specific message, speaking and writing are two very different avenues that are open to completely different interpretations.  They may perhaps carry the same message but possibly not the same feel.

It was imperative to stick to writing exactly how our Contributors spoke so that our readers would be able to feel like they were present in the conversation with us.

If there is a segment that may not agree with your personal belief system, we kindly request that you look past any difference and relate to the Contributor on an emotional level where the similarities exist.

– Russell Hill
author of Real Life Interviews

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